Monday, June 17, 2013

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5 Simple Memory Tricks

It’s frustrating not remembering where you put important items or forgetting basic details.  Use these tricks to keep track of things:

v  Cluster numbers:  Help your brain process the numbers “2, 8, 4, 9” by clustering them into “twenty eight, forty nine.”

v  Say it out loud:  Tell yourself that you’re locking the door as you leave.  Repeat that you’re going to the kitchen for scissors either out loud or to yourself.  This will keep you from becoming distracted.

v  Convert grocery lists to meals:  If you need hot dogs, milk, mustard, cereal and buns, you can think breakfast (cereal and milk) and lunch (mustard, hot dogs, and buns).

v  Designate a place:  Store your cell phone and keys in the same place close to your front door.  This way you’ll know exactly where they are the next time you’re running late for an appointment. 

v  Use visual triggers:  For example, leaving a piece of paper on your car seat before going into the office will remind you to get gas before you return home.  Or, putting a DVD by the front door reminds you to return it to the rental store before you leave the house. 

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