Friday, June 14, 2013

{What Clients Are Saying} To the Rescue

Dan - 

As you know, I was in a horrible state with the agent we had that was supposed to be marketing our home. What a nightmare. The house should have easily sold and in fact we had an offer in March for $150,000. Since the agent did not do his job the deal was not closed. It was months before I could even think about an agent. I was hoping for someone who was going to follow through and not just expect for someone to come by and give them a check. I was desperate. You were so helpful. You had a plan-short and long term. You followed up on all possibilities. Working with the buyer agent and his client, the title company, the mortgage company, and the bank was all handled by you. The part I liked most was that you called to say for example-talked to the mortgage folks-you passed the information on and would give an approximate date that the next step would be completed. You always followed up and called to give an update. AMAZING in my book, since we had over 50 people view the house with the last agent and we got maybe feedback on 4 visitors. Although I would dread the thought of ever having to find an agent again, I would gladly call you. You were patient, thorough and as stated before, you followed through. That is so important when someone wants to sell their property. Just to let you, I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a hardworking, easy going and willing to work for his commission agent. I know that my situation was hard but you always had a smile and a laugh to share. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service you provided. 

  Becky E.

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