Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Real Estate Corner] Mistakes to avoid when investing

Q.  What are some mistakes I should avoid when I invest in real estate?

A.  Even smart investors make mistakes.   Here are three common mistakes and what you should do instead:

·    Not Doing Your Homework.  Evaluate your financial situation and understand the right numbers to calculate.  Learn the basics about cash flow, appreciation, and loan amortization. 
·    Not finding the right property.  Do a thorough search, including “off MLS” deals and best buys, to find the right property for you.  Work with a REALTOR® who is an Investor Specialist.  He or she can help find a  good investment property.  
·    Failing to get a professional inspection.  You need to know if there have been problems with the property and that they’ve been properly addressed.

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