Friday, August 16, 2013

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4 Mistakes To Avoid
When Bargaining

Whether at a yard sale or visiting a local market, it pays to know how to bargain.  Follow these tips so both you and the seller are satisfied: 

Don’t rush.  Visit with the seller.  Express interest, let him or her know you like the item and ask for the price.  Be willing to walk away if you don’t like the price.

Don’t make the first offer.  When the price has been named, wait before you say anything.  After a few moments of silence, repeat the price so the seller knows you are listening.  Slowly and deliberately give a reason why you are not willing to pay the asking price.  Ask for their best price first.  

Don’t be combative.  Place the item so both you and the seller can be looking at it, not each other.  Show you are open to being fair.  If the seller likes you, he or she is more likely to give you their best price.

Don’t give ultimatums.  Think of creative ways to make your lower offer agreeable.  For example, suggest you might purchase multiple items if the price is right.

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