Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Detecting “Unwanted” Visitors

            Could you be sharing your home with uninvited visitors – like mice, squirrels, birds, or even termites?  Pests are a common problem for everyone, so here are a few tips to spot them and what to do:

Where you might find them.  Look for animal droppings, signs of chewing, and odor in your kitchen, basement, closets, and attic.  Check any moist areas like around air conditioning units.  In the case of termites, look for “dirt tubes” around your home’s perimeter, particularly in cracks or crevices.

What to do.  You know how to trap mice in the kitchen.  After you trap them, be sure to clean up crumbs and keep food sealed up.  When it comes to larger animals, like squirrels, birds, or snakes, don’t try to remove them yourself.  They can be dangerous when cornered.  If you suspect you have the larger visitors or tiny bugs like termites, hire a professional animal catcher or pest control company.

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