Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Smart Technology Tips

Do you need to access information on your home computer when you’re not at home?  You could carry your laptop with you everywhere, but here are two other convenient ways to access your files on the go:

v  Get a smart phone or tablet, such as an iPad.  These devices are for more than just fun and games.  You’ll love the immediate access to email, address books, photos, calendars and the Internet, not to mention thousands of apps (web applications).  Depending on your budget, consider buying a refurbished version of one of these devices, and then upgrade to a new model after you learn the ropes.

v  Back up your data.  An online backup service protects you if your
laptop gets stolen or lost.  Install the software and your data will be backed up to the “cloud” (basically the Internet).  Easily restore everything from music to spreadsheets for a flat annual fee.  For a free backup service that makes it easy to share photos and documents with friends and family, try  You can also download dropbox to a mobile device.  Or, check out 

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