Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Who’s Giving Drugs To Kids?

Recent studies reveal that many times drug use in kids begins at home, while under the care and guidance of parents. 

            Starting as young as 12, kids are more likely to get prescription or over-the-counter drugs and alcohol at home than to use “street” drugs.  They get these household drugs in the medicine and liquor cabinets.  Here’s how to approach this situation if your child, or one of their friends, acts suspicious:

Ø  Know the facts.  This isn’t just an urban problem.  Suburban kids are just as likely to abuse.  Plus, the teenage brain is much more prone to addiction and susceptible to peer pressure.
Ø  Have the drug conversation with your kids.  You can find good information for the discussion at www.theantidrug.com. 
Ø  To be on the safe side.  Consider locking up the liquor cabinet and keeping all prescription drugs in a lockbox.  Ask your friends and family members to safeguard their prescription drugs and alcohol as well. 
Ø  Properly dispose of old medicines.  Don’t just toss them in the waste can.

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