Monday, June 3, 2013

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Find Important Papers Quickly

When disaster strikes, it’s no time to be hunting for your important papers.  To have everything protected and available when you need it, use these:

Ø  Safety Deposit Box.  Put important documents related to your finances and health away from where you live to avoid the risk of fire or theft.  Here’s a list: personal records like birth certificates, adoption papers, marriage and divorce certificates, tax returns, property information including deed and mortgage to your house, title to your vehicles, investment records, and household inventory.

Ø  A Home Safe.  Sensitive information you may need quickly and unexpectedly can be stored at your house, but under lock and key.  Store insurance policies, lists of emergency contacts, copies of credit cards (front and back), and personal valuables.

Ø  With Your Attorney.  Legal documents like wills, powers of attorney, and trust documents should be easily accessible and never be put in a safety deposit box where access can be limited when the owner dies.

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