Thursday, May 23, 2013

{What Clients Are Saying} Honest, Open, and Respectful

Dan - 

Thank you for your work with us on selling our home in Gretna, Nebraska.  We had ran into a life change and needed to relocate to another state to open a business, therefore leaving the time to sell under fairly difficult time constraints and I wanted to still make a little bit of money in the deal.  You brought many benefits to the table that helped us chose "which realtor" to go with and at a very top level - 1) honesty 2) great follow through 3) knowledge of current market trends, therefore great advice as to which direction to go; and 4) personable.

My husband liked you because you were honest and straight forward.  You oddly has us being interviewed by you and eager for you to choose us, which meant your selective as to whom you represent versus just being everything for everyone - you are a value to those who fits, and that's a unique approach at a partnership and working relationship.

We did not always like what you had to say, but we respected it and followed your advice, therefore getting the results we needed and wanted by the deadlines required.   And at the end, when the closing company calculated numbers wrong, you were HONEST enough to stand up and give us money back versus just taking it and scooting along and no one knowing the difference, your sincere and honest - and I thank you for that!!

Thank you so much and please keep being honest, open and respectful in your trade - it will take you far!  We are very grateful for everything you did - Colorado is very nice!

Carrie K

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